Free Browsing Cheats: Airtel And MTN Working Cheats 2018

There are different free browsing cheats for many networks. You can minimize the amount you spend on data weekly by using these cheats.

It is not easy having to subscribe for data every month. When you actually notice it, you see that the amount you spend monthly is way more than what you gain but we can do very little about it.

Sometimes we need to update our Instagram page, chat with friends, check savage comments on twitter and do some Snapchat madness but data seems so expensive to accomplish all these. Even bloggers find it difficult to update their blogs because of data expenses.

Not everyone can afford to subscribe every month and sometimes, monthly subscriptions don’t even last three weeks. Once you go on Instagram and YouTube, your data starts crying to be saved. Data has gotten so expensive in Nigeria and I think we can all testify to it.

Once upon a time, 15mb lasted us for one week and even wasted. In those says, if you can download a game of 500kb, you are already a big man. Nowadays, we have games of 1.5gb and load webpages with 2mb. How long do you think 2gb will last? One can not even load their Instagram messages safely without encountering some kind of fear of data being sucked off😂.

After seeking solution and finding it, I have decided to share with you some of the free browsing cheats for two gigantic networks: MTN and Airtel.

You should know that these cheats have been tested and trusted but nay not work for every Sim card. Some may be available for people who are frequent airtime purchasers while some may be available for only new users.

Here’s a list of cheats we will be looking into:

  • How to get 2GB data for N100 on airtel
  • How to get free 200mb, 50mb and 500mb on airtel
  • How to get 100% data bonus on airtel
  • How to get free 500mb on MTN
  • How to get 1gb with N200 on MTN

Airtel free browsing cheats

How to get 2GB for N100

You can now get 2GB worth of data for just N100 on Airtel. The great thing about this is that you don’t need any VPN or routing of phone. It works on any phone but you must port from MTN to Airtel before you can enjoy this free browsing cheat.

Here are the requirements:

  •  A registered MTN sim card
  •  A valid ID Card (Voter’s card, National id or Driver license)
  •  Find the closest airtel office in your area.
  •  Tell them you will love to port your MTN Sim and you will be asked to fill a form
  •  ensure that all details are filled and take note of the guidelines given to you.
  • after that, you will receive a text message from airtel.
  •  After that, you are required to restart your phone when your MTN network has vanished.
  •  At that point you will be requested to insert your newly ported sim which is Airtel.
  •  Turn off your telephone and insert your new ported Airtel line.
  •  Airtel will then send you a confirmation message telling you that your SIM has been effectively ported.
  • After completing the above steps, recharge your newly ported airtel line with at least N100 from the Zoto app or Bank Transfer.
  • You will be given 2GB worth of data. You can check your balance with *223# or *140#

How to get 100% data bonus on Airtel

You can also be getting double data for every subscription you make. This is not a free browsing trick but it is worth a lot.

The double data is available for only eligible subscribers. To check your eligibility, simply dial *144#. If you get a message like “enjoy double data offer for 6 months”congrats! You are eligible for the double data bonus.

To activate this offer, simply dial *144# and it pop-up with options like:
1. 400MB For 200Naira valid for 3days
2. 1.5GB For 500naira valid for 14days
3. 3GB For 3,000Naira valid for 30days (month)
4. 7GB For 2,000Naira valid for 30days (month)
5. 10GB For 2,500naira valid for 30days (month).

Enter 1 and send. You have successfully activated the double data plan. If you are eligible, dial *144# and select the 100% data bonus of your choice.

Here’s how to get free 500mb on MTN

There is a free 500mb on MTN for every subscriber. MTN is not ready to carry last this time around as they gave started awarding free data to most of their subscribers.

This is available to all subscribers of MTN network and has been working for many people already.
There have been testimonies about this free data cheat and it’s time for you to have your own share.

All you have to do is have the following at your disposal:

  • Working MTN Sim card
  • Smartphone

Once you have that, dial *449*2# on your mtn Sim and you will receive a notification that you have been awarded free 300mb + 200mb extra.

How to get 1gb with N200 on MTN

MTN is also offering another crazy bonus to subscribers. Again, you are very lucky to have found this page because here is another free browsing cheat that you can be using on that MTN Sim card you almost threw away.

This one offers you 1gb worth of data for just N200. Usually N200, can only give you about 150mb worth of data bit bow you get x6 of it with a little bonus on top. Here’s how to activate it:

  • Dial *131*65# and select from a list of plans given to you below.
  • 4gb for N1000 (30 days)
  • 1gb for N200 (7 days)
  • 250mb for N100 (3 days)

Those are the amazing free browsing cheats we have for you today. Don’t hesitate to start trying them out.


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